Why Is Data Important for Your Content Strategy?

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More than storytelling, content is a way to engage consumers.

It sounds simple. However, many content teams lack data-driven content and build a content strategy based on hope and ideas – not analytics.

Metrics provide information, which can spin into article ideas, but ideas from the thin area have no proof that your audience will resonate with it. Why create content that does not target your audience? It’s a turn off to your consumers.

A robust data-driven content plan allows you to identify what your audience wants and then you can create ideas based on the facts. From audience relationships to maximum ROI, here’s why data is essential for your content strategy.

Develop a Relationship

First and foremost, know whom you're writing to. Plenty of brands miss the mark. If your audience is predominantly female, craft your topics and voice to that audience. It delivers a conversation and emotional relationship.

Start a Conversation

Data reveals your target audience. Use that information to create a conversation. You can create a poll to fine-tune your discussion. Post it on social media, take notes of the responses, and use that information in a content piece. You can quickly create a handful of content pieces that spur from a conversation.

Assist with Scheduling

Take the guesswork out of when to post, whether for a blog, newsletter or social media. Data reveals the best time for your target audience to help you reach the maximum audience.

Deliver Insight to Searchable Topics

Let’s say your target audience is a professional mom. Data can reveal what she is searching for and where she’s clicking on your site. This information can help place call-to-actions and create content topics. This information can also help you understand the needs of the professional mom. Maybe you’re promoting the products during the wrong season. It can be eye-opening and help you know when to push a specific item or topic.

Maximize Your ROI

Data-driven content is not an idea pulled from thin air. Its content pulled from user activity. This info will help you develop your content strategy, execute, and gain ROI. You can crank out 50 mediocre articles, graphics, photos or videos, but if they don’t resonate with your audience that content is a waste of time and money.

Using a data-led approach can be creative, save time, and help take the guesswork out of your content strategy.

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