Why Blog Writing is So Important?

What can help you establish trust, thought leadership and credibility? A blog

A blog is an interactive hub for your website and delivers many benefits for your business that you can’t get with any other tool.

Some people think a blog is a waste of time. But, if it helps you gain traffic to your site, builds a long-lasting relationship with your audience, and gives your brands credibility, then why is it a waste of time?

While creating a blog does time some time, your blog gives your company a voice to your consumers and gives you the opportunity to be viewed as an industry expert. 

Beyond credibility, trust and thought leadership, there are a few more reasons why blog writing is so important.

Establish Authority/Experts

People want answers and advice. So, if you have knowledge that you can share with others, then do it. A blog post doesn’t have to be a long-featured article. If you see a common question that many customers are asking, answer those questions in a blog post.

Example, one of our clients is an endurance coach. For his blog, once a week, he takes a question from Facebook and answers the question in a blog post. He’ll add imagery or videos if he needs to, but the answer and advice posts help him build authority and long-lasting relationships with his audience.

Essentially, your blog is the best place to offer advice to problems your business solves. 

Google Loves Fresh Content

Want to win Google over without spending a lot of money. Create fresh content. Google loves fresh content and educational pieces. Since website pages are typically static, the best way to help Google pick up your site is by posting fresh content consistently. Posting a new blog about three times a week allows Google, and other search engines, to find relevant, updated content when they crawl your site. Google sees your site as a useful place for the user, instead of outdated. Also, a wide-range of topics also expands your reach in searches.

Drives Traffic to Your Site and Helps Convert to Sales

Fresh content will help you rank on Google, which will give you more of an opportunity to drive in traffic to your site. Bringing more traffic to your site will help turn into leads and convert into a sale. Not only will a blog post help you rank on Google, but it will also you give you something to post on social and send out in a newsletter. Give your readers more content to read, which will provide links to your site. More eyes on your site can drive in more sales.

Inexpensive to Create

Compared to paid advertisement, blogging is affordable to operate. You already have the website, which has been paid for. You have the space to create the blog. All you need to do is manage the blog or budget for someone to manage your it (like Fit Creative Media—contact us). In the long run, it costs less than paid advertising or keywords because the content lives forever whereas paid advertising has a shelf life.

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