What’s the Difference Between Content Marketing and Content Strategy?

We’re here to let you in on a little secret: Content strategy and content marketing are not the same things.

You may hear people say the phrases “content strategy” and “content marketing” interchangeable, but they are entirely wrong to do so. Your content strategy is the framework for your content, which can be used for marketing purposes. Content marketing is your approach to create and distribute the content that is to attract and retain your targeted audience.

What’s a Content Strategy?

Your content strategy is your vision/guideline for your business goals. It allows you to define your target audience and your overall business goals. Think of it as your internal guideline.

Define if you will use content for sales, brand awareness or engagement purposes. Learn who your target audience is and the use your content marketing to develop articles, videos, graphics and imagery to attract visitors to your site. A content strategy can find a way to build trust between the customer and brand.

Think of the strategy as your outline or manager for your content marketing efforts. 

What’s Content Marketing?

Content marketing focuses on the execution process of your strategy. Your content marketing includes your editorial calendar, ideation, creation, distribution, and promotion.

Ultimately, your content marketing is to draw attraction and support your strategy. If you’re using content for sales, you’ll want your content to entice your audience to purchase something. If you 're going to use content for brand awareness, you’ll want to focus on material that can build trust, be authoritative and distributed on channels to reach your audience. If you 're going to use content for engagement, you’ll want to create unique content that is shareable and keeps the users on the site.

Content marketing is the work that gains the audience trust. Example, give an inside look at the company, or a Q&A with the founder to help build a genuine relationship.

Is There a Content Strategy and Content Marketing Overlap?

Short answer: Yes.

The overlap is called Content Marketing Strategy. The overlap of the two delivers the vision, goals, research, voice, tone, and style. It’s a good guideline to keep both the strategy and marketing aligned.

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Your overall content strategy may change annually, based on data you find your target audience or maybe your business goals change.

Your content marketing can change weekly or quarterly, depending on goals and new ideas or campaigns. You’ll want to dig into trends, see what words to optimize, see how you can make the creation process more efficient.

The content marketing strategy can be tweaked weekly, quarterly or annually. Your voice, style, and tone rarely change. The vision doesn’t change too much unless you discover your target audience if off. Based on research, this is where you can make tweaks.

Always check in with your strategy to make sure everything is aligned and keeps you on track to produce substantial content. If you’re not targeting the right audience or creating content that’s eye-catching, then it will be harder to attract, retain or drive a conversion.

Build out your strategy first, then your content marketing strategy, then work on the content marketing portion.

If you need help, reach out. We’re here to improve your content to achieve success.