The Biggest Content Challenges Companies Encounter

Whether you’re new to content marketing or an expert, the importance of building out strong content is to understand your audience and know what their needs are. So, we wanted to know what our audience needed when it comes to growing their content marketing plan.

We surveyed 100 marketing professionals to learn what their biggest challenge was when it comes to content. 

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Not Enough Bandwidth

One of the most significant challenges content marketers experience is not enough bandwidth to create content. In fact, 58 percent said they didn’t have time to develop content ideas or produce content because they are too busy with other tasks. That’s where Fit Creative Media comes in. We are an extension of your team where we focus on content planning, management, production and more. We take time off your plate and focus on content while you focus on other initiatives.

Don’t See the ROI

Fourteen percent expressed that they didn’t see a good ROI on content, so they either put a halt on content marketing or spend less time creating content than they once did. When our clients express they had a low ROI, we suggested a content audit and dug into their analytics to understand their audience. Majority of the time content that wasn’t returning on investment didn’t speak to the audience or lacked promotion. Also, teams that didn’t see a good ROI didn’t spend much time researching SEO or developing ideas to their audience, which brings us back to not enough bandwidth. We’re able to help brands turn content around to help improve conversions. 

Other Reasons

In our survey, 28 percent said they experience other content challenges which are:

  • Finding a content marketing vendor/specialist who understands the brand’s voice and tone
  • Not enough budget to produce content
  • Not sure where to begin

Finding the right content marketing agency or specialist is essential. You want to find someone who understands the industry and speaks the lingo. Here at Fit Creative Media, we specialize in fitness, wellness, sports, active lifestyle and outdoors because we know the ins and outs of the space—and are passionate about active living. We understand the audience and craft unique content strategies for each client.

No budget shouldn’t be an excuse. We’re able to come in and train teams on easy wins when it comes to content marketing and creation to deliver results. You can spend little to thousands of dollars and get a good return on investment. Got a cell phone? Take a quick video, post it on the blog with a fast write up, and you have a blog post that can help engage audiences. That’s just one trick, but we offer more ways to spruce up your content marketing. Contact us, and we can start growing your business.

Not sure where to begin? Figuring out your content strategy and executing it can be overwhelming, especially for startups or first-timers. We can come in and guide you or take the lead to build out your content plan.

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