The 3 V’s to Content Marketing

No matter the business, a plan to content will make your life 10-times easier.

I was watching an episode of The Profit. Serial entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis meets with NYC fashion designer of Faded Royalty to turn the business around.

One of the problems Marcus points out is the fashion line is all over the place. There is not a cohesive story from garment to garment. The target customer is not defined, and the brand’s vision was not apparent. He got this from one look at what the designer was selling.

This got me thinking. Marcus was pointing out reasons that were turning the customer away. This is parallel to brands that don’t do content marketing right. Which brings me to the importance of the three V’s: Vision, Value, and Voice.

What are the 3 V’s of Content Marketing?

Vision, value, and voice keep the content cohesive and unified, as well as staying true to the company’s mission. It helps keep your target audience in-tuned with what your brand is trying to accomplish, and it builds a community.


Think of vision as your roadmap to success. Your idea will help you plan what you want to achieve, whether it’s one month or six years down the road. It’s a clear visual of big-picture goals as well as mini goals. The vision will guide you to set your goals and help you reach them.

Without painting a vision for your content marketing plan, then you won’t be able to establish your target audience, define your values, create your voice, and map out your content plan.

Once you set your vision, you can then map out what content you want to create, where you want to distribute your content, why you’re producing the material, and the best way to generate a call to action. Without a vision, you’ll create much busy work. Keep things simple and stick to your vision.


What’s the value of content to your brand? A lot. Think of content as the vehicle to maximize referrals to your company’s website. Not only does content build lead generation, but it also creates brand awareness. So, when creating your content marketing plan, keep the value in mind of what your content can do for your brand. If your content is not thought out, it can be a turn off to your audience, which is similar to what Marcus experienced when he first set eyes on Faded Royalty’s fashion line. He saw too many items that were not cohesive and not for the customer, which turned them away. He wanted to condense the line and create a stronger brand story, which had more value because it would capture the eye of the shopper and build loyal customers.

When building out your content plan, think about what each content piece will do to create engagement, awareness, and conversions.


This may seem rudimentary, but it’s a practical element to content marketing: Voice. Your voice defines the language style, content personality, overall tone. Your voice helps share your brand’s story. Is your brand’s persona quirky and witty? Then the content can share that character through language, color, and tone. It’s important to stay true to your voice to build trust with your audience. Your voice personalizes your content experience, which makes it unique to the audience. It also helps tell your story so your audience can relate to it, which builds trust and a long-lasting relationship.

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