How to Be a Strong Editor

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Whether you're editing your work or someone's copy, editing can be a daunting task.

You can review social content, press releases, blog posts, case studies, white page reports, video scripts, marketing materials, or web copy. As the editor, it's your job to turn modest work into a grand masterpiece.

It's important to look beyond the necessary grammar hiccups (like you, you're, or your). In fact, as an editor, you edit two ways: story flow and word flow.

Story Flow Editor

Your job as the story flow editor is to help the author develop and share the story in a compelling way while preserving the author's voice.

Word Flow Editor

As the word flow editor, your job is to suggest changes and be open to hearing why the author chose that flow or word. Allow the author to make the adjustments.

Of course, you should look for style consistency, grammar errors and if it even makes sense. Your job is to make the first draft into a masterpiece.

Use the How to Be an Editor guide to help you master the editing process and turn your content into a clean, remarkable story.

How to Be a Strong Editor

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