Easy-to-Use Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

Want to know the secret weapon to build top-notch content? Content marketing strategy.

When done well, content can grab the attention of individuals and get them to stay on your website. Just creating content without goals or a vision—a content marketing strategy—is the quickest way to kill your content marketing.  


In fact, Dr. Gail Matthewsa psychology professor at the Dominican University in California, recently did a study about goal setting. Dr. Matthews studied 267 participants, both men and women (including entrepreneurs, educators, healthcare professionals, artists, lawyers, and bankers) from the United States and overseas. She divided participants into groups: Those wrote down their goals and dreams, and those who didn’t. Dr. Matthews discovered individuals who document their goals, review them often, and share their goals with others are 33 percent more successful in achieving their goals than those people who just had goals. (View the entire study: https://www.dominican.edu/dominicannews/study-highlights-strategies-for-achieving-goals)

The same goes for content marketing.

So, the question is, do you want successful content or not? Get organized. Here’s your content marketing strategy checklist to sharpen your plan and to help you craft attention-grabbing content. 

Determine Your Goal

  • For Sales
  • For Brand Awareness
  • For Engagement

Know Your Target Audience

  • Use data (do your research) to determine who you’re writing to

Define Voice, Tone and Style

  • What is your brand’s voice, tone and style?

  • Know your brand’s persona

  • Does idea/content stick to company’s mission?

Conduct a Content Audit

  • Look through existing content

  • Determine if older content can be repurposed

Learn more about content audits.

Do SEO Keyword Search

  • What are you ranking for?

  • What do your competitors rank for?

  • Look for SEO gaps

  • Write down words you can rank for that not currently using

Brainstorm New Content Ideas

  • Use content audit to see what content you’re missing

  • Use SEO to create fresh ideas/topics

  • Make sure ideas are for your audience

  • Make sure each content piece is written for a purpose (your goals)

Create Your Editorial Calendar

  • Include writer, editor, due date and publish date

  • Include call to action

  • Include title, teaser/description, SEO

  • Include published link

Click here for a more in-depth look at how to build an editorial calendar.

Determine What Channels to Publish on

  • Publish on a blog

  • Publish on social media

  • Publish on website

  • Publish on partner site

Plan How to Distribute Content

  • Newsletters

  • Partnerships

  • Social Media

  • Paid Marketing

Build Your Promotional Plan

  • Dates you want to promote

  • Where to promote

  • How to promote