Are Blog Comments Good for SEO?

It’s a common question we get from our clients: Are blog comments good for SEO?

While, to some, comments on a blog may seem outdated, there is some good use for allowing comments.

Blog comments can help with SEO, if the comments are well written and contribute to the conversation. Some comments are spammy or have nothing to do with the topic, which doesn’t help boost SEO.

But, before you’re quick to remove your comments because you think it may hurt the quality of your site, here are three reasons why blog comments are good for SEO and why you should keep them.

Adds More Content to Your Page

Blog comments add more content to your post, which search engines will crawl, index and consider for ranking. Sometimes comments on a blog offer better keywords for the user search. While some comments will read, “Great read!”, there are a lot of thoughtful comments, insight and additional links that can add value to the page.

Just remember to monitor comments. Poor-quality comments can negatively impact the page. We recommend creating a checklist of criteria to what gets approved.

Creates Engagement

Allowing comments on the blog shares to users the conversation and popularity of the piece. Comments can bring a user back, especially if the discussion is good or if there is a healthy debate. It also gives you the opportunity to interact with the users and understand their wants or needs. You can take the conversation and turn it into another blog post too.

Plus, if there’s a good conversation going on, the reader may stay on the page longer to read through the comments—and possibly continue to read other articles on your site.

Think How the User Will Benefit

While more content on a page and engagement benefit you, think about how comments will help the user.

If comments are low-quality or spammy, it will turn the user away. So, it’s best to remove those. However, if there’s a good conversation with high-quality comments, the user is more likely to read the piece and engage in the conversation. The reader will gain more insight and build a bit more trust with your brand.

In Conclusion

User-generated content is helpful to you, the user and Google. Good-quality comments provide value to your content page and show Google that you have a thriving community with fresh, engaging content. Remember to monitor comments and remove with consideration.

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