6 Easy-to-Use Content Creation Tools

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From articles and video to infographics and podcasts, there’s no argument that creating content takes time and effort. So, while you’re trying to figure out what forms of content to use in your strategy, you don’t have time to research and evaluate all the tools out there.

We’ve put together a short list of top, easy-to-use content creation tools that are cost-efficient solutions, and when used correctly and consistently, can help make a huge difference in your business—and your bottom line.

Think outside the box and have fun with these six easy-to-use content creation tools.


 Whether it’s a banner, social image or infographic, Canva is a free tool that you can use to create your graphics. The user-friendly features make it easy for the not-so-experienced graphic designer. You can select design templates to help curate your look and feel or you can start from a blank canvas and make something entirely of your own. You can also collaborate with others, choose different sizes and files. It’s easier than photoshop or other design software tools that a content marketer can use. Plus, it doesn’t take that much time to learn how to use so you won’t waste precious time from your other to-do tasks.


Video is engaging and attention-grabbing, but we often hear from clients that it’s too expensive to create and is too time-consuming for their employees. Well, we found a solution for that! OpenReel eliminates time spent on the field, organizing and editing. An all-in-one tool, OpenReel allows you to shoot anytime, anywhere with your computer and iPhone. There’s a teleprompter feature, monitor, audio tracker and more! We love partnering with them and think it’s an excellent solution to create video in a quick, efficient manner.


Need help deciding what topics to write about? Answer The Public is one of the best tools to help you generate article ideas that are commonly search. Type in the topic and it spews hundreds of ideas, phrases and questions for you to use.

Google Keyword Planner

Stop guessing what topics to cover. Using Google Keyword Planner allows you to gain insights on what specific topics people are searching for so you can drive traffic to your site organically. Simple type in a topic and see all the results that are commonly searched for. The ideal is to find a topic that has a high search volume with low competition.


Typos, word echoes and misused punctuation are common. But sometimes we miss them—we’re human. Grammarly helps find those grammar errors and makes suggestions to help you spruce up your work.  


Audacity is a popular, open-source audio application that runs on Windows, Macs and Linux systems—and is quite possibly the best podcast editing tool. It can record audio from your microphone or mixing board, and can also have audio files imported. Did we mention it’s free? Plus, there are great tutorials to help get you started if you’re a newbie podcaster.