5 Hacks to Improve Your Website Content

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You can spend hours on, what you think is a "slam-dunk" content piece, but if you're not getting any ROI, then it's a waste of time.

So, what’s the deal to improve your website content? To grab the attention of your audience and target new visitors you need to build good content. It’s really that simple. And your content doesn’t need to be too elaborate. Keep it simple and stick to your content strategy.

Whether you want to drive sales, build brand awareness, or boost engagement, use these five hacks to improve your website content and reach your business goals.

Know Your Audience

If you don’t create content for your audience, then why are they going to want to go to your site? Before you even begin to create your content piece, ask yourself, “is this for our audience?” If you answer yes, then go ahead and begin developing the piece. If you’re not sure, dig into your analytics to discover who your audience is, what they do, what they like, etc. Data doesn’t lie, and it will help you fine-tune your content to meet the needs of your audience.

Example, if your business is a travel company and majority of your audience are young professional males who are into camping, you can create travel content about camping and the outdoors. It will capture the eye of your consumer and let them know that you understand them.

Hack: Target your audience and build content for them.

Create a Plan of Action

Don’t hope that your content will attract traffic, plan how you will create and distribute your content. If you're publishing a holiday recipe the day before Christmas, then you're missing essential promotional time. Work backward. If you want to promote this piece a couple weeks before the holidays (think your audience plans what to make for holiday dinner a few days before the actual holiday so they can go shopping for ingredients). So, you want to make sure they have the recipe and all the information well in advance. Create the recipe at least three months before Christmas so Google has time to pick it up, and so you have time to promote it through newsletters, social media, partnerships and on your website.

Hack: Work backward to create a plan.

Answer Questions

You want visitors. How do you do this? Answer questions for your targeted audience. Student Loan Hero is an example of how content can help answer questions. The team created this article: How One Woman Paid Off $89,000 in Under 2 Years. The article resonates with many readers who want to pay off their student loan. The article provides readers with tips to help them rid their debt and then provides refinancing options in question forms. Google picks up the questions (which it likes) and the readers get solutions to their problems. If you’re not sure what questions to provide in a piece, look at your data to find what your audience is looking for.

Hack: Answer common questions.

Be Adaptable

It’s a fact: the way we consume content changes quickly. Google and Facebook constantly update its algorithm and new social media platforms pop up. There are new mobile devices, apps, technology … you get the point, things change all the time. So be comfortable with change and adapt to it. We see how print magazines have created digital magazines because readers read more online than print. They had to adapt to keep their audience happy. If you notice your audience make more purchases on a mobile device than a desktop, then put more into the mobile shopping content than desktop to improve the overall experience.

Hack: Adapt to digital change.

Discover Your Opportunity Cost

Is the investment of your time writing an article costing you money? Can you outsource (use Fit Creative Media) so you can focus on the sales for your business and let us focus on the creative? Break down your worth and how long it takes you to create content. Notice if you're spending too much time in one area. If you know creating content takes you too long and you can create more money marketing, then let the experts who can create it faster, and more effectively handle it so you can save time and money.

Hack: Define your opportunity cost

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