4 Benefits of Video for E-commerce

Whether you call it video marketing or video commerce, online retailers are adopting a video strategy to help make the purchasing experience easier for the consumer.

Think about it, when shopping in a retail store, you’re able to see how the product works, see multiple views, feel the product, see the ins and outs of what you’re about to purchase. Online, you can read a description, see reviews, and look at photos. You’re not able to get a true idea of the product. You must trust the brand’s content and other shopper’s reviews.

There’s a brief hesitation to finalize the purchase because of two missing elements: feel and experience.

While you’re not able to touch the product when shopping online, you can make the experience easier. Yes, there is a bit of work to produce a video for the shopping experience but it’s worth the benefits. Here are four benefits of video for e-commerce. 

Builds Trust and Engagement

Video on a product detail page can show the consumer extra features about the product and how it works. It builds trust and allows the user to engage with the video. Videos also allow shoppers to share the content on social or with other consumers and create a conversation about the product.

Zappos places short videos on their product pages with close-ups of the shoe being used as well as the editor’s highlight of the product.


There’s nothing fancy about the video, but it allows the shopper to build a relationship with the brand and learn all aspects of the shoe. Think of the video as the consumer's shopping buddy. It allows the consumer to get more detail than from copy and photos.

OGIO places videos at the bottom of the product page which demonstrates the product in use.

OGIO Video Demo.png

Again, simple, but this shows the shopper many special features the bag offers which is harder to understand if you read only copy or look at photos. This video gives the buyer an experience similar to what they can get at a retail shop.

Boost Shopping Confidence

Without video, the shopper must base their decision off reviews and what the brand puts out about the product. Video allows the customer to make a better decision because they can see the product in motion and learn how the product is used. In a store, a shopper can decide whether to purchase something or not because they can use the item and ask questions with an in-store customer service representative. A video can deliver a similar experience. Providing all the information upfront gives the shopper the confidence they need to purchase an item.

Betterbraces.com demonstrates the product in motion with a simple video in the product gallery as well as a video toward the bottom addressing the braces benefits and how to use it.

betterbraces gallery video.png
betterbraces how to video.png

Increases Conversion Rates

Since product videos can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, the customer is on a product page longer because of the video. Because they are on the page longer, they have more time to decide whether they want to purchase the product. More than likely, the consumer will buy the product if there is video. According to Hubspot, 64 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video and 90 percent of shoppers claim that product videos help them make smart buying decisions. Video is one of the most influential factors for the customer when deciding to purchase online. 

Attracts More Traffic

Google loves fresh, educational content. Videos can produce just that. According to Buffer, pages with video see 157 percent increase in organic traffic. Video helps with SEO and search ranking, as well as website visibility. Seems like an easy way to increase traffic.

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