12 Top Content Tools for Your Strategy in 2019

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Whether you’re a one-person show or publicly-traded company, the one thing that sells your brand is content.

Your company is defined by your story. Content helps craft that story, builds trust with your audience, and drives traffic to your site. Your content helps the potential customer determine why they should use your product or service over competitors.

So, how do you create your story? Good news! There are many content tools to make things easier, and help you save time and energy. Whether you’re just starting to create your content marketing strategy or you’ve been using it for a while, here are 12 top content tools for your strategy in 2019.


Grow your business with the help of Hubspot’s solution tools. Whether you want to increase sales, generate leads, organize contacts, or monitor deals, Hubspot makes life much easier. You can use the free tool to organize your contacts, dig deeper into insights, and track emails. The marketing tool helps you stay on top of your inbound efforts, allows you to create capture forms, and keeps you on track with other content campaigns you can implement on your site to increase lead generation and more. Their customer service is accommodating to help get you started.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us, and we can help you determine which service can help you organize your content needs.


We know that video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%, according to Wordsteam.com. The problem we often hear from clients is that it’s too expensive to create video because it takes employees away from their desk, equipment is expensive and it’s too much time spent producing the video. We have found a solution for all that! OpenReel eliminates time spent on the field, organizing and editing. An all-in-one solution, OpenReel allows one person to direct from their desk and create video elsewhere. You need your phone and the app. We love partnering with them and think it’s a simple solution to create video in a quick, efficient manner.


Whether it’s audio or video, don’t waste time transcribing. Instead, have Rev transcribe your work so you can focus on your other daily tasks. We love using Rev because it makes it 10 times easier to put together an article that’s based on an interview or Q&A. It’s also helpful to have transcriptions when you have hundreds of minutes in video. Again, looking at video transcriptions can help with writing a video script. And at $1 a minute, why would you waste hours when you can focus on what you need to focus on for other content efforts. Simply upload your content, and within 24 hours, you’ll receive the transcription. It’s one of the best tools we discovered!

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Do you have multiple people working on social media? Collaborate, plan, and publish directly for multiple accounts—all in one place. HeyOrca is an easy-to-use, visual planner tool to build and schedule your social postings. We love the layout, color coordination, and easy approval process. Plus, the text feature for Instagram posts is a life-saving feature. Publish on most social platforms, we find HeyOrca a timesaver for social media. We also love the monthly report feature. We can quickly build it out and have it generate each month to save us time.


It may take a little time to figure out all that SEMrush has to offer, but we love using the SEO tracking and competitor gap analysis tool to see how we drive perform compared to our competitors. It’s a fun way to see how our keywords are driving traffic as well as how our rankings, and our client’s, change daily.

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Whether it’s a banner, social image or infographic, Canva is a free tool that you can use to create your graphics. The user-friendly features make it easy for the not-so-experienced graphic designer. You can select design templates to help curate your look and feel or you can start from a blank canvas and make something entirely of your own. You can also collaborate with others, choose different sizes and files. It’s easier than photoshop or other design software tools that a content marketer can use. Plus, it doesn’t take that much time to learn how to use so you won’t waste precious time from your other to-do tasks.


Plan, organize and track your projects in one collaborative space. Monday.com is a new way to manage your team and creative workflow to get any project completed. Whether it’s a product launch, site redesign, campaign or blog post, Monday.com makes it easy to streamline your project and execute it in a timely manner without losing work or stepping on other colleague's toes.

Google Analytics

If you’re not using Google Analytics, start! It’s a free tool that delivers insight on how your website is performing. It helps you understand your audience and can give you a better direction on what types of content pieces you should be building and delivering to drive more traffic. If you’re creating content, but for the wrong audience then you’re losing valuable customers. Create for your audience; understand what they want.

Google Adwords

We’re all about a data-driven approach to help us decide the best content to create for our clients. That’s why we love Google Adwords. It allows us to see what keywords can us rank and gives us ideas for content to create. It’s easy to use. Just plug in the idea, and it will generate a list of keyword ideas and show you how many monthly searches there are and whether it has high competition or low. Ideally, you want to use words with a high search volume and low competition, so you have the opportunity to rank on the first page of a Google search. Oh, and did we mention it’s free? It is, and we love that!


Thinking about creating a Podcast? You don’t need to be an audio-mixing expert anymore. Audacity makes it easy to record, edit and export—and it’s free! Get unlimited undos and redos, it supports multitrack audio and batch processing. It’s perfect if you’re a newbie to podcasting or need to do quick-and-dirty audio work.

Learn more on how to start a podcast.


Many times overlooked from the content team, but chatbots can be a powerful tool to add to your content strategy. MobileMonkey can help you build qualified leads as well as distribute content while using Facebook messenger. We love that it’s another way to share blog posts, videos, newsletter, podcasts and more while creating conversion funnels and high-qualified leads. It’s low cost and simple to set up.

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